Elastique Push is a push notification service for Android and iOS.

We provide an easy way to deliver notifications to mobile devices.
Our service comes with native APIs and clear documentation with sample projects for all platforms.
We actively use this service in our own projects, which motivates us to keep it updated with new features and technologies.

If you're interested in using this service, please contact us.

  • Ease of use

    We use Elastique Push in our own creative projects and that is why we
    provide easy-to-use native SDKs for the platforms that we support.

  • Reliability

    We ensure reliability by providing redundancy on all levels of the infrastructure.
    This includes redundant load balancers, application nodes and database nodes.

  • Scalability

    It's important that we can send millions of messages really fast.
    This is why our infrastructure is designed with scalability in mind.

  • General

    • Easily and quickly manage multiple applications within your account
    • View application metrics and logs
    • Unicast, multicast or broadcast messages from our web interface or through or server APIs
    • Register devices with tags and broadcast to specific groups of users

  • Android

    • Easy to use native SDK
    • Our API offers a default implementation for Android notifications
    • Support for playing sounds when receiving a notification
    • Add extra data to your notification (e.g. to navigate to a certain page on opening the notification)

  • iOS

    • Easy to use native SDK
    • Support for playing sounds when receiving a notification
    • Add extra data to your notification (e.g. to navigate to a certain page on opening the notification)
    • Support for badges
    • Send notifications to debug and release version of your mobile application within a single Elastique Push application

  • PHP

    • Easy to use SDK
    • Send unicast/multicast messages in batch or broadcast to all devices at once



  • How do I sign up? You need an activation code to create an account. You can contact us if you're interested.
  • How reliable is your service? We aim for high reliability and have server redundancy on all levels: load balancing, application nodes and database nodes.
  • Can your system handle lots of messages? In the past year we have sent over 500 million push notifications, but our service is prepared to handle a lot more.
  • What devices do you support? Android is supported from version 2.3 and up.
    iOS is supported from version 5.0 and up.
  • What APIs do you provide? We provide client-side native APIs for iOS and Android.
    We provide server-side APIs for PHP.
  • I have forgotten my username or password. Please contact us.


  • The console tells me "no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application". This can mean several things such as an invalid (or missing) provisioning profile or an incorrect APP ID. Make sure you have configured your APNS certificates and settings correctly in your development environment.


  • It takes a long time before the first notification arrives on the device. Due to a delay with registering your device with the Google servers (which is out of our hands), it can take up to 15 minutes before your device receives its first push message. Reinstalling the application can cause this problem to reappear. You can fix it by enabling airplane mode and then disabling it again. This seems to force GCM to update the device registration.

Application failed to load.



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